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There are simple instructions in this section. (1) Subject of posts must be about prepping, survival and homesteading and pertain to the state you are posting to - (2) do not copy from another web forum - (3) Any member can post in any state forum - (4) be civil. There is a feeling that this will be a work in progress and we may have to fine-tune as we go along.

You can use this forum as a "shout out" or greetings to forum members. It is designed to discuss the philosophy of prepping and homesteading in your own words. If you decide you want to teach "how to", then it should go in the Threshing Floor. One word of caution! Everything here is visible to the surfing public so don't say something or reveal personal information you may be sorry for. Nuff said!

If your post is something that should be expounded on and developed into an archive-type "word of knowledge" then it should go into The Threshing Floor. Think about this carefully before posting.

Let's try it out and see how the concept works. Since this is primarily a chat section, let's try to keep it that. If you have a word of knowledge, You must add it to the Threshing Floor. At any rate, have fun here at the roundtable.
At the present time this section isl NOT moderated but if the ugly spectres of hate or threats raise their heads........!
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