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Watchman & Mrs. Watchman BOB

Postby Watchman » 07 Nov 2016, 10:30

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About two weeks ago we decided it was time to get serious about constructing a BOB for our small group. We looked, and looked, and looked and finally decided on a locking box that is (US made) and sold at Wally. Our decision was based on: it holds a lot, has wheels on one corner, a handle, and can be locked. We have a Prius and it fits perfectly right behind the back seat. Back to that in a moment. Great Plains winters can be brutal and deadly so we built this from the ground up and kept in mind weight and number of pieces. Below the floor compartment in the rear end is the spare tire. I put with the spare tire a folding military style shovel, sheathed hatchet, a pouch of tools, and two 4-packs of toilet paper. They all fit just right. Over the tire compartment is a plastic stowage box with lid - four blankets and a tarpaulin. The big box contains every possible emergency need (from a good, bonafide checklist). We have a separate camo bag which is our medical and first aid bag. All possible first aid supplies as well as prescription medicines. Another large canvas bag that will be our 2A bag (think Constitution). And the 4th part of the BOB, a rucksack with food. These bags are kept in a closet right next to an exit door for the house. Grab and go. There are three of us. We don't keep them in the garage because of the cold. Honey dear wants to keep medical and food separate so she can inventory and check dates, etc. One last item that we load will get from the garage - our Eco-Stove biomass burner. All-in-all it takes us about 45 seconds to load and go. We will not be carrying these items for local travel - only if we go out of town more than 50 miles or so. We still have work to do in fine-tuning but for the most part are done.
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Re: Watchman & Mrs. Watchman BOB

Postby acet7 » 05 Mar 2017, 18:58

Nice kit. We just have two military backpacks, need to make one for my son now.
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