A survival tip.

That which doesn't quite fit into one of the other categories. You may have to use these skills when the s*** hits the fan to stay alive.

A survival tip.

Postby Toepopper » 15 Dec 2011, 12:21

Here is one little tid bit that I remember from jungle survival school in the Phillipine Islands. If you are in the deep bush and low on food or have to eat what you can pick from wild plant life, chew the food slowly and only enough so that you can swallow it. This puts bigger chunks of food into your stomach and it will be harder to digest and take longer to digest so you won't feel hungry and you can go longer between meals. That tip is a moldy oldie from 1967.
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Re: A survival tip.

Postby knobster » 18 Feb 2016, 06:19

Interesting tip.

I'm not sure this works so well with my 11-yr old son. He wolfs down his food so quickly that I wonder if teeth are even used. And, he's usually hungry minutes later... :biggrin:

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