How to protect your personal information and identity. What records to keep and probably one of the most important, texts of knowledge to re-build in a PAW. How to safeguard valuables with safes and other storage methods.


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I want to introduce you to an old friend of mine, MED-BRIEF. To warn you ahead of time, it is copyrighted and solely owned by me.

JUST KIDDING. Med-Brief was an idea given to me many years ago by an old Mormon prepper. He suggested I do this and I want to tell you that it has [probably] saved a lot of suffering by my wife. This is one of those trade-offs about exposure of personal information to others. With us this was a no-brainer. If we were involved in an accident and incapacitated, medical information would be readily available to emergency and medical personnel. In routine medical appointments we just hand this to the RN or PA and it is copied and put in our records. I also want to warn you that you need to be thorough and exact in what you put on the sheet. We list each prescription medication and dosage, supplements and dosage, allergy information and a brief medical history of operations and procedures. Now the good part. Each of us carries a copy in our wallet, glove compartment in the car, in our BOB medical bag, and our son has one. You can be as thorough and un-thorough as you want, but to my way of thinking it increases your chances of survival. My wife is allergic to aspirin and aspirin-related products. One time we had to take her to the emergency room because of a fall. Because we forgot to bring the sheet of information, ER personnel administered her with aspirin. You guessed it, she had an asthma attack and it could have been worse if I had not caught what they gave her. NO MORE do we take anything for granted.

Do me a favor friends, for the sake of you and your family, DO THIS!

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