Prepping Is No Longer An Option

Prepping Is No Longer An Option

Postby Watchman » 01 Feb 2017, 07:51

The events of the past couple of years have demonstrated to most thinking Americans that ‘prepping’ is no longer an option but one of the solid pillars of life. It began with fear, is still based on fear, but the identity of the fear is shifting or branching out in many different directions. Preppers are no longer considered wild-eyed, conspiracy-soaked revolutionaries but have taken on the forms, of John and Mary your good neighbors – or, Phil and Chris, your children – or Pete and Helen your brother and his family. Now, even the upper-class are getting into it.

These changes of attitude have not gone unnoticed by different groups:

• Those in power (those who hold the gold) are damned-sure aware because anyone who practices self-reliance or preparedness is considered threatening to themselves, their neighbors, and their government. What it basically means is that you take care of your own lives and don’t fall for the “we’re here to help you” line. It’s a matter of basic human pride and respect that we are able to take care of ourselves! Of course, that doesn’t sit well with Uncle.
• Neighbors, friends, relatives – “Donnie has gone off the deep end!”
• Then, there are hundreds, thousands of “paytriots” who want to separate you from your assets, especially those who sell high-end supplements. God provided everything we need but we may have to look for it.
• Lastly, there are deep divisions in the prepping and survivalist communities. Everybody has a ‘different, better’ way to make preppers out of citizens – they construct web pages and blogs with elaborate graphics, pop-up advertising, and annoying notices to “subscribe to my e-mail listing”. Our style is straightforward and user-built - the forum doesn't grow unless you submit your ideas and discussion. We have no rock-star prepping writers, journalists, columnists - WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), John (or Jane) Q. Public, Uncle Ralph, Cousin Dennis, Grandma Minnie and the rest of everyday American patriots. We are your friends and we fervently work to stay that way.

The Conspiracy Preppers is different and we prove this daily by our 10-Point Survival Plan: 1 - We do not sell ANYTHING; 2 - we do not annoy you with ‘subscribe’ pop-ups – register once and you’re in! 3 - We are 100% spam-free and the forum is open to resident Americans. 4 - Our discussions are friendly and based on research and proof, not opinions. 5 - Our news feed of liberty, disaster, self-reliance and prepper-related topics is refreshed daily – we do not post old articles except for a very important reason. 6 - We have somewhat of a structure in our member community – rest assured that members cannot advance in rank, status, privileges, or receive material goods (free) unless they, themselves, contribute items to our knowledge base. 7 - Our Lost Library has upwards of 500 printable documents and books (free) for members and not available to web surfers. 8 - The Retreat Research Laboratory exists to discuss, research, and work out problems that are almost insurmountable in a SHTF situation - diabetes, asthma, antibiotics – to name a few. 9 - We do not preach, cajole, or try to convince anyone that “my Jesus is better than your Jesus”, although Christianity is the core of what we believe. 10 - If you want a safe-haven free of stalkers, spammers, and just plain buttheads, join us – you won’t be sorry.
"The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty." - Proverbs 22:3
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