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The only way we are going to survive the coming collapse (my considered and firmly-held opinion) is to work together as a group. Loners can do okay but sooner or later they will need like-minded friends.

I am amazed at the division and competitiveness in survivalism. What some of these people don't realize is there is not much new under the sun except maybe in the way of electronics. I used to delve into studying all the different scenarios that could our and I still do, to an extent, to gain knowledge.

With what is happening with the crazy little fat boy I am 100% convinced that an EMP event of some kind is going to destroy the US. Economic collapse will be closely followed by societal collapse. All the fancy electronic doo-dads will fry anyway.

From the beginning (10 years ago) I've tried to make this site an online encyclopedia of FREE knowledge - no ads, no selling, no pressure. But the PAYtriots around us are trying to make a killing selling freeze-dried vegetables, MREs and fruit. Well, people, those items will run out, as will other supplies (remember, after an EMP little or no manufacturing or re-supply). We need to be TEACHING people how to garden, how to improvise, how to defend themselves, and on, and on,and on. By not doing this we are inviting the rif-raf to 'come to my house', instead of teaching our friends and neighbors and increasing the security perimiter.

It will be too late once the [Wash My Mouth] HITS THE FAN!

Invite your friends to join this security community and take up their specialty.

Or you can sit back and complain about the NFL kneelers.

"The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty." - Proverbs 22:3
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