The Mystery Of Garabandal

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The Mystery Of Garabandal

Postby Watchman » 19 May 2017, 12:43

My post addresses only one part of this Catholic prophecy. In 1961 4 school children in Garabandal in Spain, a mountainous remote village with no electricity or modern efficiencies had visions of a visit from Mary, the Mother of God. Mary told them that a great chastisement is going to befall the world if humanity does not change it's ways. These children were sparsely educated and only nominally religious. When they related what the Virgin said to them, they could not explain what it meant. They were given a message about "all motors stopping, everything being shut down." "lights would not work". It was only in 1962 that the effects of EMP were made generally known to the public at large. EMP knowledge was held back by governments but it gradually leaked out in 1962.
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